LG GD910 Watchphone Unboxed

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LG GD910 WatchphoneThe LG GD910 watchphone is unboxed and adored with all the hype and popularity going behind it. You will be able to have the much awaited watchphone right within your reach as this has gone on sale with promptness.

There is no surprise that this is going to be a drooling piece of ecstasy for adoring lovers of watchphones.LG has kept a mile long promise for its fans who all have wanted a watchphone round their wrists for sometime.Electricpig is the magazine that scooped up the first reactions from people who came to use it.

The phone got released first in London, Bond Street, at the Orange shop there.The 1st days so a prompt sell out of all the phones and that too, not surprisingly. Pictures of the phone have been splashed all over the place and even against gigantic AC adapters, showcasing the awesomely stretched hype and buzz around it.

Source: electricpig

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