Blackberry Curve

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If you speak to those that own Blackberry phones, they seem to be of the opinion that there are few phones better and many, especially those who utilise the Blackberry’s business features, such as the truly impressive e mail service, will not buy another make of phone. There are still many out there though, that have never tried Blackberry before and these are the people that Research in Motion, the company behind the development of the incredibly popular range, are now aiming to win over. They have, over the last year or so, released some big hitters in the form of their high end phone the Torch and the slightly more basic Pearl, but if you don’t need your phone to be all singing and all dancing then the Blackberry Curve may be the one for you.

BlackBerry CurveThe Curve models have been around for a while now after being released in 2007 and have been upgraded twice before they released the 9300, the latest version of RIM’s entry level phone. One of the first things that should be said about the 9300 is that it is the first Curve to have 3G connectivity. This was not such a problem really as Blackberry have always had great Wi-Fi connectivity for when you want to surf the web or use the apps that require the internet but 3G is now on almost every smartphone out there and if you are out and about the 3G service can be extremely handy, so this is a very welcome addition.

This latest Curve also features a digital trackpad instead of the old trackball and it does work ok, but is nowhere near as responsive – or, let’s face it, as cute – as the trackball but on the bright side, it is more durable and will stay functional long after the trackpad would. It also improves the looks of the phone, which fits in with the rest of the phone really in that it is good but not great, although with the price that it costs, it would be hard to complain about much.

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